Core Labs

  • We have a complete line of validatable products that produce a variety of volumes that exceed current CLSI specifications.
  • Our team works with your Lab techs providing that important after sale service and training.
  • Its our goal to provide you with uninterrupted high purity water for your analizers & buffer preperation.
  • We are extremely sympathetic to the needs of your lab and customize a service contract to change consumables and replace wear complonents ensuring zero down time.
  • Hospitals

  • Water Energy is not married to one specific manufacturer. We fit the correct piece of equipment with your specific application. This along with our world class service department sets Water Energy apart from all other water treatment companies.
  • You will find us in:
    • Endoscopy
    • Central Sterilization
    • Power Plant
    • Labs
  • We also carry a variety of sized mixed bed resin bottles. Mixed bed resin is used to polish water to high purity levels. Its also used to supply emergancy back-up water in cases where the main equipment has a catastrophic failure and High Purity water is needed.
  • Our SDI bottles can be configured to your existing equipment to have you up and running quickly.

    Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Water Energy carries a wide range of High output Reverse Osmosis units with features that include Hot Water Sanitizable Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Units with Electronic Dionization or Mixed bed resin for polishing.
  • We can also support your validation requirements by customizing validation documents and SOP's as well as assisting twith the field verification.
  • Research and Teaching Labs

  • Along with a variety of laboratory products that fit a variety of applications, we offer customer training seminars that cover not only using the equipment, but also some of the technology behind its design.

WET Live monitoring demo

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