Water Energy provides chemical, equipment and technical services to solve industrial water stabilization and purification problems.

Water Energy manufactuers a complete line of chemical products for industrial water treatment, including products for heat transfer systems, boilers and cooling water, faciilty effluent water, process and potable water.

Water Energy also specializes in various chemical feed and control systems and water purification equipment including reverse osmosis

Water Energy's water treatment programs can help you minimize scale & corrosion, reduce fuel costs, lengthen equipment life. and help you meet health & safety standards.

Boiler water treatment
WET manufactures a complete line of boiler water treatments for control of corrosion in the boiler and condensate return system, control of scale and sludge in the boiler and control of carryover for prevention of contamination of process steam.

The best products to suit your needs can be selected from multi-functional one-drum blends designed for small boilers with or without pre-softened make-up water, or your program can be customized from specialized product blends to allow you to achieve the level of control that you desire.

Cooling Water Treatment
Cooling towers are susceptible, not only to corrosive and scale/deposit formation, but also to microbiological fouling. Balancing bleed-off with the corrosive/fouling tendencies of the water is an important decision in cooling tower water treatment. WET will help you economically protect your system.

Legionella, as well as other bacteria, fungi and algae can all be controlled with a Water Energy cooling water treatment program.

Closed Loop Water Treatment
Select the appropriate blend of corrosion and scale inhibitors for your hot water "boiler", heat exchanger loop, chilled water loop, glycol system or other closed loop. Your needs can be specifically met with product choices from simple nitrite or molybdate blends to all organic, low conductivity treatments, including various levels of deposition inhibitors.

Industrial Process Water Treatment
Industrial and potable waters, such as once-through cooling, animal feed systems, irrigation and fertilization systems and even potable waters may require stabilization against scale and deposits or corrosion. Special filtration systems or proportional feed of small amounts of chemical inhibitors may prevent deterioration of the system operation.

Increased environmental concern and municipal restrictions make demands on even the smallest facilities.

Whether your facility is involved in metal finishing or treatment, food processing, chemical processing, electronics, photo-finishing or even just a small user of chemicals or a small generator of wastes, your plant effluent may require treatment.

Treatment may include filtration, dewatering and/or chemical flocculation and precipitation. Small generators can install inexpensive WET batch or continuous treatment systems or use WET services to help design or upgrade an existing waste water treatment system.

WETKLEER protects water distribution systems from scale and corrosion. Available in various strengths to suit your needs. The WETKLEER automatic chemical feed and control package ensures accurate dosage.Manufactured from food grade and NSF certified raw materials to ensure quality.

  • Municipal
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Agricultural

Certified to NSF / ANSI Standard 60.

Water Energy manufactures specialty chemical products for industrial process waters.


  • WETFLOS LT Low Temperature One-Step Iron Phosphatizer
  • WETKLEEN specialty cleaners
  • WETCIDE specialty disinfectants and microbiocides
  • AXEON, FLEXEON & RO ULTRATEC reverse osmosis for process rinses
  • Filtration & ion exchange for pre-treatment

Water Energy distributes control equipment and systems.


  • Chemical feed pumps, parts & accessories
  • LMI, Advantage, Prominent, Pulsatron, Walchem
  • pH & ORP Controllers
  • Conductivity, TDS, Bleed & Blowdown controllers
  • Tanks, agitators
  • Reverse Osmosis systems to 40,000 gpd (Axeon, Flexeon, RO Ultratec)
  • Ion Exchange & filtration

Many WET services are included in the WET-Chemistry program designed for your facility. WET is determined to provide you with outstanding service to ensure that you view us as your best and only choice for water treatment services.


  • Equipment surveys & inspections
  • Water analyses & monitoring programs
  • Microbiological analysys
  • Corrosion coupon services
  • Control equipment repairs & repair parts
  • Reverse Osmosis system monitoring
  • Reverse Osmosis membrane cleaning services
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