Water Energy Technologies is a full-service provider of products to fill your needs for industrial, commercial and laboratory water systems. Water Energy manufactures its own line of water treatment chemicals, allowing custom design of chemical programs. Water Energy also offers feed and control equipment and water purification equipment. Water Energy services what it sells, committed to monitoring chemical programs, maintaining your water purification equipment and providing timely service deionization.
  • Products

    Water Energy supplies chemicals, equipment and services for all types and sizes of water systems: Industrial, Commercial, Medical/Laboratory, Agricultural, Process, Recreational, Potable, Municipal. From purification of water entering a facility, to programs for HVAC equipment, to process water stabilization, to ultra-pure water equipment and services, to waste water treatment, Water Energy can give you all types of water treatment help.
  • Markets

    Water Energy services many water markets: Heating & cooling water treatment for Industrial, Commerical, Agricultural and Recreational facilities. Process water stabilization for food, plastics and metal finishing industries. Waste water treatment for laboratory, food, metal finishing and agricultural applications. Medical, pharmaceutical & laboratory grade water purification and maintenance.
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    Many WET services are included in the WET-Chemistry program designed for your facility. WET is determined to provide you with outstanding service to ensure that you view us as your best and only choice for water treatment services.Contact us for information on how we can help you solve your water treatment problems, lessen your water purification concerns and make a positive contribution to your bottom line.

    D. L. Hunter, B.Sc., MBA, President

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